Fort Knox Specs & Features


We are reminded daily in the media that theft, natural disasters and accidents are real. In fact these tragedies aren’t only real but they are becoming much more frequent. Sadly too often we learn of people who purchased a good looking, and tough looking safe only to find out when it was too late that the safe, while looking good and tough, provided very little security. However, it did provide a lot of deceptive peace of mind. As they share their stories with us they express painful regret that they didn’t know what was behind the deceiving looks and sales pitch.

As you consider protecting your valuables; those items that are irreplaceable, on e of a kind, or a piece of history that you have been in trusted with, make sure you know that you have given your valuables the best chance of survival when something unexpected happens. Know what your security is made of, and how it was crafted is critical to making a sound purchase! An easy way to do this is by understanding the differences between a safe and a Fort Knox Vault.

Fort Knox offers clear transparency so you can fully understand what makes our Vaults more secure, as well as understanding the quality and craftsmanship that goes into our product.

Both a cheap safe and a Fort Knox Vault can offer peace of mind but a Fort Knox Vault offers real security first, because we understand that is where peace of mind ultimately comes from!

Fort Knox is a family owned company. This gives us an advantage because we focus on providing the best product and the best value for you and your family. We don’t have to answer to a group of disconnected investors or people who are simply trying to increase their return by selling more of the same. We want to do what is right for you and your family!

We are proud to offer a product that is second to none in the industry. Because of our quality and our dedicated employee’s craftsmanship we are comfortable offering a warrantee that is truly lifetime. Our warrantee is not looking for your homeowners insurance to pay first or any other such clauses. We warrantee the entire safe or Vault. This includes lock, interior, paint, quality, handle, bolt work, mechanism, and clutch to only mention a few elements of a Vault; as you can see; we are not afraid to stand behind our product.

It is easy to see that Fort Knox is the leader in the safe and vault industry.

All Fort Knox saves and vaults are made in the U.S.A.

While there is a cheaper way to sell safes through off shore purchases or manufacturing Fort Knox knows that a strong United States economy is important to all Americans and desires to continue to support the American Dream.

Additionally, we want to monitor and tightly control the craftsmanship and quality of each product that we put our name on. While Fort Knox offers specific sizes of safes and Vaults, and because the safes and Vaults are made in the USA and not mass produced, Fort Knox has the ability to customize the fire protection and the security based upon your need. This allows you to know what you have because you have more than good looking and tough looking safe; you have a Fort Knox.